We had a riot on Sunday morning in Colony Manor.
Entertaining reading on the RIT Orkut group! And someone said RIT was too geeky :)!

Brandon 5/8/2004 10:38 PM

There’s a MOB of drunken.. drunks yelling and screaming outside my window at the moment. The parking lots are full, and there are police officers EVERYWHERE.

I’m just sitting here watching through the window and hoping for some chaos.

Make me proud, RIT Drunks.

The riot police just rushed the crowd. They fired peppper spray rounds into them (which filled our apartment with the fricking gas.. I can hardly breath)

Some drunks started throwing rocks, and then they sicked the dogs on them. We watched them incapacitate and arrest them right outside the window.

We’re not allowed to leave our apartment or we’ll be arrested.

Drunks. I’m proud. /sarcasm


I have only recently heard of this, though it would explain the number of sirens I was hearing earlier this morning. And yes, there are some people on the DC hub who managed to snag some video footage, photos, and have saved for reference conversations ABOUT the riot. RIT drunks…you make me proud…I’m sure your parents are proudest of all.

Now in all seriousness, HOW THE HELL DID THEY GET IN HERE?!?!? Don’t you need a certain level of intelligence to attend RIT? I had to have 1240 or higher on my SAT’s just to get into my program!

I know it’s not Christian and I know it’s not appropriate in the least…but I hope some of those people jailed have to have parents come in to bail them out. That way maybe their parents can do something they probably never did before…PUNISH THEM! With my luck the most that’ll happen? “Oh Bobby’s in jail honey, he was part of a riot on campus.” “What’s that dear? Well as soon as he gets home he’ll be grounded for a week. That oughta teach him something.”

::Rolls eyes::

EDIT: Screw it, what I meant to say was, “…but I hope some of those people hospitalized are seriously injured in some traumatizing way. Maybe a dog chewed through their behind…or someplace softer I hope.”


Hurray for making the news! Wait, NO

I was watching a movie in my bedroom and quietly drinking a few beers. Since my bedroom is in the very back corner of Colony, I didn’t really know what was going on outside. I heard my roommates downstairs, so I went down to see what’s happening, and there were four completely random people at the bottom of the stairs. My roommate let them duck in when the police were threatening to arrest anyone outside. Turns out they were nice enough people. I don’t really know what prompted this other than drunken stupidity, but the two girls in that group were both topless at one point.

Yes, riots at RIT cause all kinds of fun to happen.

This morning I started my laundry, and as I was walking through the area where the riot was, all I could smell was beer, and it was nearly impossible to walk the path without stepping on broken glass. Not that I cared; that’s what shoes are for.

Scott, 5/9/2004 10:05 AM:

Ok, here’s the story from start to finish.

We get back from Jay’s diner, no parking. Lots of drunks, more than usual.

Rym remembered someone telling him that it
was Colonypalooza, and that the mentality was “they can’t arrest us all!”

Two guys drink beer from a funnel from the balcony above us.

All of the drunken parties converge and join up in a huge blob in the big field outside our window, trouble is bound to ensue.

James tell us the cops are coming on his way home.

The cops arrive and form a line on the other side of the mob facing towards us.

After a very long time, almost an hour if not that, the cops move in. Stupid drunks didn’t think to leave when cops are lining up everywhere. Some guys were even cursing at the cops and throwing beer bottles.

Riot shields, paintball guns with pepper spray, dogs. Everyone is forced inside or in jail.

One guy got hit in the face with a pepper spray ball, I think he went to the hospital.

One guy threw something at the cops while cursing, they sicked the dog on him, took him down and took him away.

The groups of cops keep patrolling and forcing everyone to stay inside.

After awhile they all left and we could all go outside again.

This morning reporters from at least two tv stations and a guy from the D+C did some interviewing and such. The D+C guy came to my door and I told him this very story.

Moral: don’t be a drunken idiot, its much more fun to look out the window and laugh while drunken idiots get beaten up by the cops. Also, less vomiting. Less topless women though… oh well