Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

My weekend at RPI is now coming to a close. Many thank's to Vineet for allowing me to accompany him on his visit as a Graduate Accepted Student for the welcome weekend.

I met so many students searching for a basic encompassment of their areas of study. So many seemed to be there for all the right reasons. Life is difficult as a doctoral student, especially in a dry city like Troy. Some have managed to invest in Mutual funds too. When time runs out for them I hope they close that circle.

The day was full of meetings, I met faculty, administrative people and students. RPI is a place that encourages Graduate studies, Research, Teaching in Computer Science. Despite being a Private Institute, they have made considerable progress. The halls do have certain class and age written all over them. Troy is around 2.5 hours from New York City (I90 East)

What was I looking for? I reaffirm, the euphoria and the excitement that lived inside any child fueling his desire to learn and to grow. I want to keep that burning… it was pure!


I tried to post my comment about tech geeks having extended dry runs to your
website but it kept telling me I needed some sort of security clearance, which
I didn’t understand since I’ve posted in the past. Anyways, I just wanted to
let you know it’s not only techies who have this issue; anthropologists do as
well! And our problem is further complicated by the fact we reseearch people
while you deal with electronics; screwing around while doing field work is not
recommended but it’s often the only you-know-what we get! The rest of the
time we’re locked away in our library study carral. Ah, the things we must
sacrifice in the name of science! They need to make a reality show “Who wants
to marry a PhD candidate?”; it’s the only prayer I have of finding someone to
procreate with at this point! Feel free to post this on your website if I
haven’t depressed you too much by now.

>> Yes the comments don’t work on the site. 🙂 I need a particular perl
>> module which is missing on my host machine. Since the college owns and
>> administers the machine, I am waiting for them to drag their feet over
>> this matter… they have not begun dragging yet, which is mysterious.
>> Normally, they immediately get into dragging their feet and making
>> excuses on why it cannot be done, however, this time they have chosen
>> not to reply altogether. Mostly, that is a snub. However, graduate
>> studies has made me learn not to take snubs to personally.
>> Onto the point,
>> I am sorry to hear that Anthropologists also show a lack of skill in
>> procreation, which also means that they will be extinct very soon.
>> Therefore, no one will be left over to study the extinction (might I add
>> under similar circumstances) of the passive, technology-biased urban
>> male aka. the Geek. Some clever scientists, on examining this conundrum,
>> might suggest that cross-breeding between anthropologists and geeks
>> might be a solution to create a Symbiosis to extend survival. They may
>> further suggest that an added bonus is the possibility of greater
>> biodiversity, since geeks are then encouraged to stop spending so much
>> time with stupid little gadgets, thus the premise. However, on taking a
>> step back and on examination of the evidence, I fear such cross-breeding
>> may only lead to an acceleration of the demise of the entire species and
>> their replacement by cyborgs as was documented in the famous series
>> star-trek…
>> Now I hope your not depressed 😉 ! Oh well I should go now, no wonder I
>> don’t get enough time to write my thesis!

Indeed, nature favors diversity. But in the case of two people both gifted
intellectually in different respects mating, you may be putting the future
offspring at risk for hypercephaly (basically, a really big head). This would
then put such a person at a risk of recieving wedgies growing up & probably
will lessen his or her chances for breeding even more than the parents of said
While the computer geek spends all of his waking hours fiddling with various
electronic things, the anthropologist cannot enjoy a simple cup of coffee
without overanalyzing spacial structures and order patterning among certain
groups. If a computer geek were to get “hit on”, he would probably not notice
but rather think of how the pattern on the woman’s shirt reminds him of some
code he has to complete. Likewise, an anthropologist, when approached by a
member of the opposite (or same) sex, would probably think of how his brow
ridge is rather prominent, much like that of a Neanderthal.
In fact, as I sit here typing this e-mail to you I’m thinking about how it is
this conversation started: in a cyber community of the people who visit your
website. Your lines of code to me become a “village” to interact with. So
the geekiness continues!

Tom Waits

While watching “Fight Club”, I remember a bar scene, where Tyler heads down to the basement with a bunch of other guys. They are getting ready to do their thing. There is music playing in the background to which everyone else is dancing. It’s a very fitting song for the particular moment.

The song “Goin’ out West”, Artist “Tom Waits”.
His Homepage!
Another Fansite!

Tech Geeks have extended dry runs :)

I found a very nice article on tech frustrations 🙂 it does address a very pressing issue!

From the article:

February 12, 2004
I’m a nice 18-year-old tech geek who just wants to be loved.

Note: This past week, we appeared on a late-night, San Francisco-based show on TechTV called “Unscrewed.” Apparently TechTV’s viewers are all male, 18 to 19 years old, and not particularly lucky with the ladies (teen tech geeks not getting laid? shocker!). As a result, we were inundated with terribly sweet, polite, but slightly desperate letters. These dear sweet boys actually think we can help improve their high school/early college experience. So we’re going to do our damndest to try. We decided to publish two of the letters to give you a feel of our mailbag this week (that sounded dirty). If you’re still 18 and spending too much time with your right hand, know that you’re not alone. And if you’re no longer 18 and are still complaining about your love life, just remember how bad it used to be, back when you didn’t even have a lock on your bedroom door…

Here is one more on flirting 🙂
Dear Em & Lo,
I am that guy who has great women friends but never more than that. But of late I’ve gotten tired of hearing the “you are such a great guy” stuff. My fear of being in any way predacious has kept me from pushing flirtation further. But I am far more physically oriented and passionate than I’ve allowed myself to act. I’m trying to loosen up and that’s the problem. Do you have any suggestions about how to feel less like a predator in potential dating situations?

the answer…

MS hurts prospects

We are trained to think in terms of associations, a Bachelor’s degree increases your probability of getting a job. A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, it seems, the probability of getting a job is high too.

However, There maybe a negative dependence between getting a Master’s Degree and job prospects, although it is true that they pay more. The apriori probability of getting a job with a Bachelor’s degree is greater than the probability of doing a Master’s given that you already have a Bachelor’s degree!! I don’t have the data to confirm this, but I think it would not be too hard to prove! This is based on the notion that employers would prefer to hire either freshers or senior professionals rather than a Master’s student with a focus on one area of C.S.

Indian students in limbo over H1-B Cap

This one paragraph shows you where the story is going 🙂

Asked why they could not return to India given the abundant opportunities there, Patel and his ilk offer several reasons: They have spent up to $ 50,000 on graduating and it makes sense to work in the US for a “few years” to recoup that. They also want the benefit of experience in high-end work (Patel’s specialisation is VLSI chip designing) in the US first instead of returning to India immediately for low-end work.

The story points out that George Bush is willing to push the cap upto 77,000 visa’s for this year. As many already know, the cap is at 65,000 and has already been exhausted this year.

India won last night

We won a thrilling match last night. Pakistan were trumped literally at the post, in the very last over of the game the match could have still tilted either way. I thought it was an excellent way to begin the series, for both teams. Neither team spared any quarter and were both in the race till the very end, unnerving each other into performing harder.

Just a thought, I wonder why the Indians are scared about playing in Pakistan. I think their fear is based on the security itself. If push comes to a shove, they probably fear that the Pakistani commandos guarding them will turn on them instead!