Don’t Quote Me

On being asked how he will deal with Thesis students who are still attempting to graduate after the policies have changed, the official remarked “We will deal with them on a Base by Base Cases”

hee hee

No Doubt

In the Video for “It’s My Life” she kills of each band member one at a time 😉 however, this is not unusual, in an earlier Video, she pisses off all the other band members by hogging the limelight (and the cover of some famous magazine) I only vaguely recollect that Video… No Doubt however, I am starting to think, are on top of it all!

An Entry in the International Students Handbook

This paragraph from the International Students Handbook warns students about American TV:
Caution: Although television can be an excellent and entertaining way to improve one’s English, it can also have negative effects. First, it presents what most people would consider a distorted view of life in the United States. Second, people sometimes become addicted to “soap operas.” Addiction to soap operas can detract from a student’s academic performance.