Is Joel Pompous?

Joel on getting people to read your resumes and then later jokes about it as follows with some disclaimers:
“The remark yesterday in tiny print could not possibly be homophobic, because I’m gay and thus granted automatic diplomatic immunity from all charges of homophobia.
Putting spaces in front of commas is really not that bad, but I stand by my claim that it’s not very professional looking, and, merely as a point of information, at least on the resumes I get, this particular error occurs on 37% of cover letters from people with Indian names and 0% of the cover letters of people without Indian names.
Anyway talking about punctuation is really, really boring, so please let’s stop.
There’s nothing like 100,000 incoming links from Slashdot to uncover those rare people without a sense of humor… but you can’t tell people, “no, it’s a joke, you just didn’t get it” because the one thing common among all people without a sense of humor is that they inevitably think they have a very good sense of humor; your joke just wasn’t funny. “

There is an informative Slashdot thread that follows!