Back to School

It has been a progressive and efficient 2003, for now I plan to return to Rochester. Flight plan is Mumbai -> Paris -> Newark -> Rochester. I hope we disembark at Paris. Air India is usually disallowed from letting their passengers out into the terminal while the plane is being cleaned. That sucks!! Watching the cleaning crew walk through the plane and clean while you remain seated.

I like to think that what needs to be done, must really be done and gotten over with. That way leaving Pune all over would be a lot easier.

I will be trying to clear customs/immigration. With the new measures at the US airports, I know this is going to take a lot longer. Well, wish me luck! Maybe secretly I don’t care if I am deported 😉 ahhhhh did I just say that !!!

The weather in Rochester is downright BAD!! Have a look at the weather sticker on this page !! It’s -17 deg Celsius.