Flashback time

Why do my thoughts wander so much, I hope I have not messed up my
preparation for the Algorithms exam:

04th February 2002 @ 21:10

I belong to Jacks head, firmly fixated on the top of his shoulders. So I am on
top, deservedly, cause I run Jacks Body and I give substance to his soul in
conjunction with his heart.

I am keen analytically, process information in truckloads to produce results, I
struggle when given little information within these artificial confines, like a
novice swimmer in a raging sea, making things only more worse than they
should be, other times solving problems that affect the way the world is.

I love it when Jack is with his friends, my neurons flash all over the place,
sending out the right signals, making Jack feel good. I also love it when I must
think creatively. It’s just amazing how everything comes together when I
instruct the body to music or write this page.

Locked away within me are thousands of memories, some that make Jack laugh
and some that make him cry. Occasionally, I flash through all these memories,
sometimes the situation demands it, sometimes I just want to be reflective.

Jack has figured out what can manually push me into overdrive. Often he must
use these means to push me way over the edge to feel good. He eventually
learns that the downtime is not worth it.

I hate most my sense of regret and resentment, its like an entire Planet falling
down on me which I must struggle to shoulder. The rest of Jack suffers and
shuts down too.

I also hate it when Jack uses his heart more than me. I also know that Jack can
never replace me although he may be able to replace his heart. Even if
tomorrow they did figure out how they may replace me, I know that Jack won’t
be Jack any more.

What Jack does not know is that it is not his heart but it is me that drives his

He’ll learn, It’s all in the mind I guess… 🙂

… This World Needs Friends …

31st January 2002 @ 16:56

Who accept you and tolerate you, they boost your esteem and they help keep
your morale high. They convince you that your Human.

Just done with the Bayesian Classifier

I am finally done with the Bayesian Classifier. I have been working on it on and
off for 3 weeks now. Glad to get it over with. So far, I have only been able to
plug a decent accuracy of 82% with too many false positives. Its disheartening,
but at this point of time, I feel it is the best that I can do. I thought I should
blog my feelings at this turn. In another 2 hours I have to go home. I’ll go home
and have a bath, been at the lab all night. I hope my efforts payoff.

First steps towards solid research

Alright friends, I am blogging my first steps towards some meaningful research
today. :))))))

I walked into the lab today and Vineet tells me that our classifier is doing a
100% accurate classification feeding off itself. Yes, I know that does not mean
much, but this opens a whole new set of possibilities. (For those not into data
mining, take my word for it, for the experts, just bear !!)

Some of the things we plan to look at
1. Can we boost the accuracy with Intelligent Keyword selection
2. Can we actually use incremental learning algorithms to induce decision trees
3. Do we need to bias the filters in filtering out junk email towards more
conservative filtering?

Now that we have the infrastructure in place we can answer all these questions.
Thanks Vineet for getting us this far!!!

Made it to college

Just about made it to college today 🙂 blogging from the applied computing
lab, its almost like antartica today and I promise I ain't exaggerating. Theres
almost a foot of snow already outside and the winds howling real bad. The powdery snow is flying around horizontally and I must admit from the inside
of the lab through the huge french windows, the scene is admirable. hmm
lemme get all the snow out of my boots now. 🙂 Back to research !!!

Discriminative Classifiers

In an attempt to model the brain, Computer Scientists came up with the Neural
Network. On of the interesting things I learn about an NN is that it takes 15
days to ‘learn’ one task or problem (blunt but a laymans point of view).
So that would make it probably comparable to the learning rate of a child …
are we there yet?

Before you join Computer Science

All you folks planning an MS in Computer Science this year, this link is for you.
Its a presentation given to Undergraduates by one of the smarter PhD’s around
here ;). I especially liked the bit about the knowledge spectrum. The overview
of technologies also includes game programming. What is really interesting
is the attrition rate of students hopping off from Computer Science to
Information Technology.

Saturday Night Live

This is one of the best Saturday nights I am having in a long long time 🙂 We
just cooked Butter Chicken and its turned out really lovely. Went shopping in
the afternoon and had a haircut in the morning. All this while my schoolwork
remains :S Oh I wish I had a solution to all the problems.

February begins

Its now the final run, 3 weeks more and I am all done… the January Thaw has set.
The weather is pleasant now, really enjoyable. I have been allotted space in the
applied computing lab, its a wonderful place to work. Reminds me of the time I
spent in PSPL. There is one thing really neat about the place, its the fact that
cubicle walls are missing and instead directly face a HUGE french window looking
out at a large snow covered stretch of land dotted with Pine Trees. The ambience
does make you want to work harder, its true.

Algorithms in Computer Science

The algorithms exam really had me thinking for some time. Although I lost most
marks to carelessness, I really did not have an idea to solve this problem "
Give an O (V+E) algorithm to find shortest paths from a single source for
a directed weighted graph with edge weights only 1 and 2." As it ironically
turns out, this brainteaser has a sarcastically easy solution. If you pester me
enough I shall reveal it to you 🙂

This weekend is a busy one, with work required on the project and on a proposal
for research studies.