Bangalore scores over Pune

Without doubt, Bangalore scores over Pune as far as outsourcing work is concerned. Last night, I had the opportunity to speak to my friend who had a bird’s eye view of what was going on down South.

Bangalore has been making rapid strides in terms of infrastructure and modernization. To demonstrate the fact, I would like to point out that my friend was just about as stunned as I was with the crowds and pollution in Pune. The last one year has just been a total disaster in terms of vehicle population and pollutants in the atmosphere!

My friend who is part of a large MNC, mentioned that he is responsible for one of the many Business Processes that have come to stay in India. To clarify further, this is not development work. It may have been initiated by the Software Industry, it is no longer limited to IT:

1. Accounting
2. Support Services
3. IT – Dev, QA, PM
4. Auto-Parts and other Components mfr!
5. Education

Bangalore has superior city planning, cheaper and friendlier lifestyle, tremendous SOPs as far as the inflow of Dollars are concerned. Pune is still suffering a legacy of the old Poona, a small hill station filled with retirees who are trying to prevent change from upsetting their lives. It’s a hangover from the past. I don’t want to sound sarcastic or very one-sided, Pune does have it’s strengths, especially the raw pool of talent, to which I belong.