A Tel Maalish from your local barber shop, at Rs 25/- !! Dimaag ka darwaza khul jayega, bholaprasad mere yaar, ek baar try kar le. Maja aa gaya. While driving back, the stress of 9am traffic seemed so distant. On having driven home, most of the throbbing in my head was GONE. Tel Maalish is usually a combination exotic Indian oils, a firm hand and patience. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Bhai, acha sa maalish kardo! It started with my granny and extended as a form of expression later as I grew up. If you love someone, actions will always speak louder than words sir! Go massage that lower back and relieve her stress 🙂

If your in India do try it out. In related news, the local government plans to ban Massage parlours since they suspect gents misuse the parlour for the massage ladies 🙂 This came from the bhaiyya who was giving me a propah (read between the lines) torso massage.