times here have changed

People, India is currently riding on a very fruitful wave of economic upturn. The other day, an employment newspaper carried atleast 4 ads for walk-in interviews with major employers. The ads were, needless to say, directed towards Software Architects and Developers.

While I myself, am not in a position to “join immediately” as one of the ads implored, I am certainly tempted to go through the process. This is especially justifiable, since I have already killed 2 weeks in Pune with dial-up as my only work conduit. (Bah excuses)

A lot of people are skeptical about what the upturn means.

For starters, some point out it will be short-lived, this is of course in the backdrop of an earlier extreme rise and fall in Software. However, some do pass on relevant reasons too:
1. Lack of infrastructure
2. Red Tape
3. Lack of quality
4. Lack of job satisfaction

While these reasons point towards slowing down of the upturn, they don’t necessarily imply a negative trend.

In the United States on the other hand, not one of the companies I have come across are recruiting this aggressively. I believe its more of a process of consolidation.

After a long time, ironically, the atitude in India reflects independance, optimism and hope and yet it depends on one simple explanation: the resurgence of capitalism, greed and efficiency in the North American continent!