KDD 2003 – Accepted Papers
#117 Efficient Elastic Burst Detection in Data Streams
Authors: Yunyue Zhu, Dennis Shasha
#178 XRules: An Effective Structural Classifier for XML Data
Authors: Mohammed Zaki, Charu Aggarwal
#153 Proximus: A Framework for Analyzing Very High Dimensional Discrete-Attributed Datasets
Authors: Mehmet Koyuturk, Ananth Grama
#180 Fast Vertical Mining Using Diffsets
Authors: Mohammed Zaki, Karam Gouda
#264 Towards Systematic Design of Distance Functions for Data Mining Applications Authors:
Charu Aggarwal
#292 On Detecting Differences Between Groups
Authors: Geoff Webb, Shane Butler, Douglas Newlands
#358 Eliminating Noisy Information in Web Pages for Data Mining
Authors: Lan Yi, Bing Liu, Xiaoli Li
#375 Mining Concept-Drifting Data Streams using Ensemble Classifiers
Authors: Haixun Wang, Wei Fan, Philip Yu, Jiawei Han
#390 Maximizing the Spread of Influence through a Social Network
Authors: David Kempe, Jon Kleinberg, Eva Tardos
#457 Privacy-Preserving K-Means Clustering over Vertically Partitioned Data
Authors: Jaideep Vaidya, Chris Clifton
#469 To Buy or Not to Buy: Mining Airline Fare Data to Minimize Ticket Purchase Price
Authors: Oren Etzioni, Craig Knoblock, Rattapoon Tuchinda, Alexander Yates
#326 An Iterative Hypothesis-Testing Strategy for Pattern Discovery
Authors: Richard Bolton, Niall Adams