Profusion of information

My dial-up costs a lot of Indian Rupees. The phone lines are usually clogged, I get very little bandwidth. The phone company too charges money per minute.

It sucks, but I am pretty addicted to blogging. Here is a profusion of links I picked up this morning.

Joel spoke on Craftsmanship, his articles sometimes do state the obvious, especially with detailed works like “Design of everyday things” having already gone past, but it does not hurt to be reminded why an Engineer is required to think.


The iPod


Eric S. Raymond on Threads

HeisenBugs & Threads

Take your Time

Wired is running an article on Kelly’s cool things. Kelly is addicted to blogging objects that you love over use or time. He hates being appreciative of newness for newness’ sake. Kellys cool things

Kelly’s Cool things

Kelly’s website