My trip looks like this
Seattle (6hrs) -> Chicago (4hrs) -> (8.5 hrs) London (2 hrs) ->(8.5 hrs) Mumbai

It was a harrowing flight, Air India wasn't the best of airlines.

I am exhausted and not upto the weather.
I am excited and disbelieving of the reality.
I am babbling and mostly working off all my energy.
I know that eventually one will come to grips with the situation and work it.
I loved eating Chana Bhatura at Udupi Palace, now that I can enjoy the same everyday, I am too ill to do so 🙂 Ironic!

Life goes on

At work, it feels wierd? No not at all, usual work day!

Two links
Blogging activity in RIT
Cheap Guju

For those who don’t know what a Cheap Guju is, a Cheap Guju is a ‘Desi’ or Asian who is particularly skimpy and tries to stretch the Dollar, sometimes too far. Its all a bit of humour, no offence intended. In fact I stretched the dollar too and I shall continue to do so as long as my bank balance remains in 2 – 3 digits.

Man versus Machine

News report just in, Kasparov had an advantage over Fritz in 16 moves! Looks like Fritz has a programming problem with his opening game :)!

He probably studied the Computers ‘thinking’ really well before coming in with a killer strategy. Some say the strategy was too forward thinking!! Kasparov is now in the business of breaking computer chess programs 🙂 Brilliant I say, every chess game programmers worst nightmare. The newscientist explains the twin strategy that Kasparov employed very clearly!

Progress with Systems

List of things to think about:
* With large code bases, bug fixes however minor, require specs.
* Take time to think about what your about to code, this is THE most important thing you can do to avoid reworking the code you wrote a month ago. Ideally, for every 4 days of coding you want to think about the problem 1 day atleast. (Credit: Murthy Gorthy)
* Take time off to assimilate the code already present, review it thoroughly and understand the mechanics.
* Check your data going across the wire, is it efficient.
* Those tiny bug fixes may result in additional design, not necessarily extendable but nevertheless not tightly coupled. Sub-Classes, interfaces and so on.
* Unit Test, Unit Test, Unit Test, Hard
* Is all the functionality possibly affected ok? Run some functional tests to find out!
* Clean up code unused! Dead Code sucks!
* Code Reviews are necessary, death to those who waste their peers time!
* And also…Documentation, documentation, documentation…so all future developers send up a silent cheer for you. (Credit: frequent_stopperby)

From the J2EE Tutorial

To reduce costs and fast-track application design and development, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) provides a component-based approach to the design, development, assembly, and deployment of enterprise applications. The J2EE platform offers a multitiered distributed application model, reusable components, a unified security model, flexible transaction control, and Web services support through integrated data interchange on eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-based open standards and protocols.

From the Tutorial

Good ol’ Pune

There is a particular fragrance about Pune during the Winter, mingled in a slight chill, with the smell of humid climes about and a hint of a sweet fragrance from your sweets! I can almost smell it all around me now, I know I am really excited about going home.

It’s about time we realized

That the RIAA is not about to let the music go! The opposing force comes from us, the people who listen and demand that our desire to appreciate art should not be confined to a $15 silver disc or for that matter channeled through a website that makes a 100% profit for the pigopolists.

It is an idealists dream that the 100% would instead go to the Artist…