Cougar Mountain Zoological Park

Easy Sunday demanded a visit to the Zoo. It costed me $8.50 but it was worth it. Got to see some really huge Cougars (the real thing), Macaws and Cranes. The visit also involved a short but tiring hike through Cougar Mountain. Naturally, since I had the camera, I also took a number of photos :D!! hehe do I even need an excuse for a photo-op?

Here are all the photos.
The Entrance to the Zoo is less than a mile from my house. It overlooks Lake Samamish. Thats where the hike starts. On the way up the mountain, I passed several houses. As you go up, the forest gets thicker and thicker. Since I stuck to the main road, I did not get to see any wildlife, but that can all change next weekend when I trek all the way up Cougar mountain.

There were 2 cougars at the zoo. The larger one of the two, was a magnificent cat. Looking at him laze under the hazy sky kinda got me thinking about spending a year on a possible Safari in Africa 🙂 hehe. It would be great studying them in their natural habitat but I don’t know if that will ever happen. Here is a picture of the smaller cat sitting on top of the throne. Its a Sunday, why not play ball? The bars were in the way, but I still think I got some good shots of the two marvellous cats.

The Zoo had a great collection of Macaws. This Macaw was greeting all the Visitors :). This Guy was the show-off of the bunch. He could say “Hi” with enthu and he did pose for me too. The zoo offered an incredible view of the plateau. There were a lot of other birds, but they were behind cages, so I really did not want to keep those photos… hmmm philosophical underpinnings. There was also a white macaw by the name of Molu who was extremely excited and playful. As soon as he saw me he started moving his head rapidly from one side to another. His big black pearly eyes looking gleefully for some attention.

I hope to visit Nepal when I return home at the end of the year!