Secure Space

It appears that the Geography of the IT World is changing rapidly. As a rejoinder to my earlier blog, Network Associates is hiring very aggressively in Bangalore for their still very new Development Center. It’s reported that they are offering 6.5 lakhs p.a to experienced Devs.

In the same breath, Fall is approaching, a lot of B.Tech students are graduating this year. 20% of them will still leave the country. This blog is not to accord them anymore respect than they actually deserve (some are of the opinion, very little) but what this means is that the ‘Brain Drain’ won’t be reducing anytime soon.

In the US, it seems a lot of the companies here directly competing with Microsoft are beginning to entrench themselves deeper, this time with Open Source as more of a weapon than an Ally. Novell just bought out Ximian and IBM has just obtained security certification for Linux allowing it to be considered when the US govt. makes any OS related decisions. Red Hat is going on the offensive to sue SCO in return for their ridiculous claims.

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