Soccer in the United States

There is a tremendous effort underway to promote soccer in the United States. Currently, some of the top clubs from Europe have been invited to play each other for the Champions World Trophy. The golden list includes Manchester United, Juventus, Barcelona, AC Milan and Glasgow Celtic. While last weekend Man Utd devastated the Celtic 4-0, this weekend they dominated Juventus to a 4-1 victory in New Jersey in front of an amazing turnout of 77,000 people. Results. One of the best players on that pitch on that particular day, Juan Sebastian Veron is actually the subject of transfer speculation.

Between Veron and Ruud Van Niestelrooy the lucky got to witness one of the coolest goals in the match. Too bad he has to leave. What is Ferguson thinking?

Note that back in Europe, people are still calling this a “pre-season” friendly, but some of the soccer being played out is very high-quality. The fight back from Juventus in the 70th minute was almost sensational and nearly effective in closing down the lead Manchester United had.

The US soccer league or MLS also plays some fine soccer!