Unraveling a long weekend

July the 4th weekend unravels slowly. Not surprisingly, the world’s greatest nation is responsible for giving independance to other’s, while the other’s are responsible for the demise of their own structure and order.

In the movie “Das Boot”, the true heroes of Germany are bitter about the increasing stupidity of Hitlers Nazi government. This is more or less an empty observation, but I must ask, who are the true heroes today everyone must look to for the boldened truth? There exist flaws in every goverments structure and as someone aptly pointed out this nations government too has flaws. Toeing the line from “Bowling for Columbine”, ownership of guns is encouraged in the United States to ensure the likelihood of a Civil War in the case of a corrupt vicious regime attempting to surpress the concept of liberties and freedom in the United States. The obvious conclusion that one must draw is that this provision is basically empty and in today’s reality it has no value. This is especially true when you see your roommate showing off his $2000 rifle which he used to knock dead stray animals weeks ago.

So it is left to the intellectuals and the college-goers to step up and make these obvious observations. But the system here works to the extent that these unlikely heroes are able to step forth and point out, “hey, you know what this no longer makes any sense”. Myself on the other hand, am forced to acknowledge that some of the laws at home don’t make sense and will never change in the near future. It’s true that there is tremendous resistance here to changing legislation in the United States, but the truth is changing legislation sensibly is almost an unheard of concept at home. Well almost!