The Week Ahead

Today at 8pm I will have finally given my last examination for my Master’s. This
will mean another dry spell in terms of examinations for atleast another 6
months. Not that it makes me unhappy.

This week will also be when I travel to Washington State. The plan is to drive
from Friday on, to Chicago, Illinois, first. From there on we plan to drive to
Denver, Colorado. And then further, we will take a Northwesterly route through
Colorado, Oregon and finally Washington. This is assuming we go by road.

If that does not work out, there is a flight ticket next Tuesday. All the same
I have to get packing and prepared for my BIG MOVE.

What I really hope for:
* A decent place to live in Seattle, maybe my own room
* Close to work
* The creation of a home environment to live and sleep
* Lots of good music and movies, geared to entertain
* Near to my friends or atleast I must have a car

I also plan to give my Subject GRE and yes, apply for a Doctorate program.
I knew if I were good at my academics, I would proceed further. But of course
there will be more rants and raves about myself being overworked. It can all
be worked out in the end…

I did apply for PhD once before, I did not get anywhere, but this time I plan to
give it my best shot.