New Day

1. New Quarter at RIT.
2. New Atitude in the Indian Cricket Team (We trashed Sri Lanka)
3. New Courses to take.
4. New Goals to meet.
5. New Reasons to just be meself 🙂
6. New Reasons not to forget my friends :))

ALL DA BEST to all o u !!!

Final confirmation

I want to write this down, not to gloat, but to realize how many actual days
of my life I must have taken out to get these results.

Distributed Artificial Intelligence – A
Data Mining – A
Theory of Computer Algorithms – A

CGPA – 4.0

The day ends

Well, that was an awesome match. I saw an extremely aggressive Indian team
hold their own and rip apart a dispirited Pakistani attack. However, I never
really thought the Indians had the match wrapped up. The match see sawed
quite a bit. In the end, I was surprised by the show of atitude, commitment
and character from the Indians.

Ind v Pak

Things could have been a lot worse for India than 270 odd for the opposition.
Been watching the game since early morning. Fantastic batting by Saeed
Anwar, he always seems to have this knack for pulping India.