Today is Halloween ! Everyones dressed up in neat costumes. I think I even
noticed Cleopatra on Capmus. Jasons there too, so are the Pirates. Yesterday,
I turned in my paper and I should say it is still in draft stages.
I think I aimed too high and the paper turned out to be quite a mess of ideas.
I am worried about the grade I might get on the paper. I hope it will be fine.

I have a lot to do this weekend (again !!!).

I will be investigating the use of Bayesian Networks to filter spam.
Paul Graham has an excellent article on the same topic.
Good to see that Microsoft research is being rivalled in the Open Source
Paul Grahams work has also been implemented.

The STARE web page needs a lot of work too.

On Monday I maybe initiated as a proper research assistant and STARE might
get a lot of exposure with the higher levels in RIT. I also have to build a specification for
Distributed Systems Project # 3 and on similar lines a client plugin for Outlook(TOP SECRET).

It was a tough week thus, I just about managed to submit the paper. Two days
of not having slept is now catching up with me, I do feel really washed out
and relieved that the weekend is near. I need to Plan more meticulously.
Things probably won’t fall apart so easily then. Maybe I get the feeling that
I am overcommitting myself.

More Links:
Spam filtering Resources at MIT

Distributed Systems Project 2 complete

My Distributed Systems Project 2 is now complete. There is a
rudimentary deadlock prevention solution that unfortunately
reduces concurrency in the system. For now this is enough. I am
working on adding a solution to increase the level of concurrency.

This I plan to do with the help of a Deadlock avoidance

When a lock is requested, the systems state determines if your
allowed to wait for the lock. If by waiting for the lock the system
will enter a possible deadlock state the system refuses the lock.
There is also a possibility of ‘Phantom Deadlocks’ in this case.

Later, I plan to continue work on my Distributed Systems Paper
and also my work on SPAM Retaliation.

Genesis of Reasoning itself

Today I had a good class. “Foundations of Computer Theory” is taken by Radzizowski. The theory here really pushes one to think. Problems that computers find unsolvable while creative thinking applies are interesting and challenging. Suddenly we begin to map the limits of reasoning in the 8 th week of classes and as Phaedrus in “Zen and the art of Motorcycle Mainteanance” described the air is starting to get a little thin here. I feel like I am in Third year again, exploring reasoning and the process itself, coming up with small discoveries and serendipity. Only this time I have a faculty and other students who share what I can see. Tougher challenges lie ahead. 10 weeks of classes is just too short.

Distributed Systems and valid research

It’s getting cold here in Rochester, 2 degrees centigrade to be precise and verbose. Its been another fruitful day. I just managed to get my Programming Langauge Theory assignments in time, oh brother will have to plan much more than what I am doing. Also got started on a research paper which could be published in some time soon. Now, this is real motivation. There is also now an opportunity for me to ensure my dad does not have to pay any more fees than is necessary. Now, this is definitely the big fish for me. Apart from that life is getting busier. I am now working on a Distributed Document Processing system which is currently suffering from deadlocks (ouch). Anyway, once that’s over with I am sure everything will only get worse. I still have to submit a paper on Peer to Peer networks 🙂

Well, at least I blog every day right?

My First Blog

It has been an extra ordinary day.
Then I did attend a lecture by Jeff Sonstein, “Java for Programming”. It so happend that I had
to take notes for that class. Thats how I ended it up there in the first place. I checked out his webpage and found Movable Type !! Voila an hour later my website is up and running. This is way better than having to type in the text within HTML, makes my job a lot easier. Thank you Jeff 🙂

Now all I gotta do is keep blogging and I won’t have any excuses not to. Man laziness IS the mother of innovation.